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Field Properties window (Ticket fields)

Use the Field Properties window to create a Ticket field or customize its label.

  • Field - the Ticket field name.

    NOTE: When you are adding a Ticket field, the Field drop-down list contains all fields of all Tickets classes that have not yet been added to the All Tickets / My Tickets grid. Color and gray icons allow you to quickly understand for which Ticket classes the field is available. As soon as you select a field, its Ticket classes will be explicitly listed below, in the Available for field under Binding.

  • Binding - specifies the origin of the Ticket field:
    • Field Name - the physical field name (as in the database).

    • Available for - the Ticket classes for which the field is available.

  • Display - specifies the label that represents the Ticket field in the Customize View window for the All Tickets / My Tickets grid and in the All Tickets / My Tickets itself:
    • Default Label - the default Ticket field label.

    • Custom Label - the custom Ticket field label.