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Importing configuration settings

You can import administrative settings from an export file. For details, see Exporting configuration settings.

To import configuration settings:

  1. Click Import Settings on the toolbar.

  2. Browse for the .xml file containing the configuration settings and click Open to open the Import Configuration Settings window.

  3. Review the information about the chosen export file:

    • File - the full file name.

    • Version - the version of the Alloy Navigator application the file was generated with.

      NOTE: We recommend that you do not attempt to import settings from an earlier version of Alloy Navigator than the one you are running. If needed, you should ensure the integrity of this import in a test environment before.

    • Description - the description (if any).

    • Show file content - click this button to view the file content in the File Content window.

  4. If your export file is marked as complete, the system prompts you to overwrite the existing workflow with the new one from the file.

    • ClosedTo overwrite your workflow:

      1. Select the Overwrite the existing workflow for [Object Class] check box. The Backup section appears.

      2. Leave the Enable backup check box selected and specify where to back up your existing configuration before import. Your backup xml file will be also marked as complete, just as the source file. This will allow you to restore your workflow by importing it from this file, if needed.

      Overwriting will first delete all workflow configuration for the object class and then add the new configuration from the file. If your database already contains security roles, the system will attempt to assign the imported actions, dashboards, and shared views to the existing roles just as they were assigned in the source file and then create new security roles, if needed.

    • ClosedTo import settings as usual:

      • Leave the Overwrite the existing workflow for [Object Class] check box clear.

      If you chose to not overwrite your workflow, the import will simply add the new settings to you existing configuration; if some of imported settings already exist, the new settings will overwrite the existing ones. The imported actions, dashboards, and shared views will not be assigned to any roles.

  5. Click Import.

  6. When Alloy Navigator informs you that the import has completed successfully, click OK.