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Types of virtual e-mail fields

Alloy Navigator supports the following types of virtual e-mail fields:

  • Integer — an integer value between -99999999 and 99999999;

  • Logical — a boolean value (True or False). If the message contains the specified string in the specified e-mail field, the field value is True, and vice versa.

  • Currency — a currency value, which consists of a decimal value and a currency symbol, e.g. $500.00;

  • String — a text up to 1000 characters long;

  • Memo — a block of binary data or text up to 1 GB in size;

  • Date/Time — a date and time value (a time stamp);

  • Float — a 32-bit floating-point value;

  • Reference to object — a reference to a particular object in the Alloy Navigator database. The system parsing rule extracts the object ID and stores it in the Object field of this type.

  • HTML - a text field with embedded HTML editor that allows users to apply HTML formatting and insert hyperlinks or images.