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Conflict Details window

You use the Conflict Details window to view and resolve audit upload conflicts.

Status - the conflict status (New, Scheduled, Resolved, or Error).

NOTE: The Error status indicates that an attempt to resolve the conflict has failed.

Conflict Date - the date and time when the conflict was recorded.

Under Conflict Details, view the conflicting values:

    • Field Name - the Computer field in both the Alloy Navigator and Alloy Discovery databases where the conflict was detected.

    • Database - the field value in the Alloy Navigator database.

    • Audit - the field value in the Alloy Discovery audit data.

Resolution - specifies the resolution method:

    • Create new... - adds a new Computer record to the Alloy Navigator database.

    • Overwrite data... - overwrites the conflicting Computer in Alloy Navigator with the audit data from Alloy Discovery.

View Log - opens the log file for the Alloy Discovery Synchronization job session where the conflict occurred.

For new conflicts: Resolve - schedules the conflict resolution using the specified resolution method and changes conflict status to Scheduled. When the Automation Server updates the data in the database, the conflict status will change to Resolved.