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Working with XML Widget Definitions

A widget definition contains all widget properties in the XML format. You can view, modify, export and import a widget definition.

To manage a widget definition:

  1. In the General > Dashboard Management > Widgets > [Widget Type] section, select the widget to view or modify.

  2. Click View XML. The Edit Widget window opens and shows you the widget definition in the XML format.

  3. View and, if necessary, modify the widget definition under Widget. You can also change the widget name in the Name field.

  4. If you want to export the widget definition, click Save To File, browse to the location where you want to save the .xml file, specify the file name, and click OK.

  5. If you want to import a widget definition from an .xml file, click Load From File, locate the .xml file with a widget definition and double-click it. The new definition will overwrite the original one.

  6. When done, click OK.

TIP: Using AN8’s standard Export and Import functionality, you can export and import multiple widgets definitions at once. For details, see Export and Import.