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Customizing Preview Pane content

The Preview Pane shows summary details for the record selected in the grid. For example, the Preview Pane for Service Requests shows the Request's summary, description, status, the latest activity details, and the details about its requester, including the name, person picture, and contact information. For an illustration, see Web App Help: Web App user interface.

If you want to change what the Preview Pane shows, you can customize its content in the Settings App, under General > Preview. This is where you build a template that contains all the elements of the Preview Pane, both static text and dynamic placeholders that will be populated with actual values at runtime.

NOTE: The preview template defines the contents of the Preview Pane for both the Web App and the Desktop App.

TIP: The appearance of the Preview Pane (colors, fonts, etc.) is controlled by standard cascading style sheet (CSS) rules. For details, see Customizing Preview Pane styles.

To customize the Preview Pane content:

  1. In Settings, navigate to the Preview section for the target object class: go to General > Preview > [Object Class] (or Workflow and Business Logic > [Module] > [Object Class] > Preview).

  2. Design your HTML template using the built-in HTML editor integrated into the Preview page. For details, see Using the HTML editor.

    If you want to directly edit the HTML code, click Design > HTML Code to switch to the HTML code mode.

  3. Change the content as needed: add some information, change the display order, or remove unneeded details.

    To insert a placeholder for dynamic content, place the cursor in the position where you want the element to appear, click Insert Placeholder, and use the Select Placeholder window to choose a placeholder that will be replaced with the actual value at runtime.

  4. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.