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Customizing Activity View styles

This article describes how to customize the appearance, such as the font, color, size, etc., of web-style Activity Log in the Desktop App via Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Web-style Activity Log appears on the Activity tab of an object record window when the As a Grid check box is cleared.

To customize Activity styles for the Desktop App, go to General > CSS Styles > Activity View in Settings.

INFO: For additional information about CSS, see, for example, CSSĀ Reference at

To customize the current style:

  1. Customize CSS style definitions as you need. Make sure not to delete or modify existing CSS class names and selectors.

  2. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.

To save the current styleshteet to a .css file:

  1. Click Save To File. The Save Stylesheet to window opens.

  2. Browse for the location to save the file to, then enter the file name and click Save.

To import the stylesheet from an external .css file:

  1. Click Load From File. The Load Stylesheet from window opens.

  2. Browse for the .css file and click Open.

  3. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.

TIP: When you import styles from an external file, you replace the current style definitions with the external ones. You may want to export your current stylesheet for backup purposes before importing the external stylesheet.