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Managing stock movement reasons

A Stock Movement Reason is a Stock Movement property of an Asset or Consumable record that describes the reason and direction for the movement of a certain amount of those assets or consumables in or out of the stock.

Each stock movement reason has the Direction attribute, which defines whether this movement is In or Out of the stock, i.e. whether assets or consumables are added (In), deducted (Out), or relocated (Transfer). Directions have colored indicators.

Initially, Alloy Navigator provides the following system stock movement reasons:

  • Receiving - receiving consumables; direction: In

  • Issuing to User - issuing consumables to the user; direction: Out

  • Using in Asset - using consumables in durable assets; direction: Out

  • Adjustment (loss) - adjusting the amount of stock by deducting consumable assets; direction: Out

  • Adjustment (excess) - adjusting the amount of stock by adding consumable assets; direction: In

  • Vendor Return - returning consumables to the vendor; direction: Out

  • Donation - donating consumables; direction: Out

  • Damage - decreasing the amount of consumables in stock due to their damage; direction: Out

IMPORTANT: Alloy Navigator relies on system stock movement reasons, so they cannot be deleted.

If needed, you can rename system stock movement reasons or create new reasons and use them in Consumable Management workflow as you need. You can also change their display order, disable or enable reasons, and delete non-system reasons that are no longer needed.