Online Help | Desktop App

Text window (for Forms)

Use this window to type in or edit the text or the hyperlink displayed on the Form.

  • Text - the text.

  • Insert Placeholder - opens the Select Placeholder window where you can choose a placeholder that will be replaced with the actual field value or macro value at runtime.

  • URL - the full path for the hyperlink in the URL field. To insert a placeholder, click the ellipsis button (or click in the field and press CTRL+ENTER), and use the Select Placeholder window to choose the placeholder that will be replaced with the actual data at runtime.

  • NOTE: The Desktop App supports hyperlinks of all popular types, such as http, https, ftp, ftps, mailto, file, skype, etc. The Web App, Self-Service Portal, and the Mobile App support only these types of hyperlinks: http and https, ftp and ftps, file (in Google Chrome, links to local files are disabled).