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Message Box

The Message Box operation opens a dialog pop-up window that displays a message to the user. You configure this operation in the Message Box window.

NOTE: If an operation is activated by a non-interactive service, such as the Mail Connector, Active Directory Import, or Alloy Directory Connector, messages are not displayed but recorded in the log file of the respective service.

To configure displaying a message box:

  1. Under Message, enter the message text. If you want to insert a placeholder for dynamic data, click Insert Placeholder and choose the desired field or macro in the Select Placeholder window.

    TIP: If you want to see in details a User Macro or a Workflow Parameter referenced by the placeholder, right-click the selected placeholder and choose Placeholder Definition. It opens the Macro window (Workflow Parameter window). If necessary, update details and click OK. The placeholder would be updated with new values.

    TIP: If you want to reuse this message text in other messages, now you can save this text as a macro by right-clicking anywhere under Message and choosing Create New Macro from the pop-up menu (if you want to reuse only a part of the message text, select this part before right-clicking). Specify other macro details in the Macro window and click OK. The message text would be replaced with the new macro.

  2. Keep the Enable operation check box selected to enable the operation. Otherwise, the operation will be disabled.

  3. Click OK.