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Execute SQL

Execute SQL operations run SQL expressions or scripts that query the database at runtime. You configure this operation in the Execute SQL window.

NOTE: Creating SQL expressions and scripts requires a good knowledge of Transact-SQL.
See relevant resources, for example,

To configure an Execute SQL operation:

  1. Under SQL, enter a SQL expression or script containing Transact-SQL statements. To insert a placeholder for dynamic data, click Insert Placeholder and use the Select Placeholder window to choose a field or macro that will be replaced with the actual value at runtime.

    TIP: If you want to see in details a User Macro or a Workflow Parameter referenced by the placeholder, right-click the selected placeholder and choose Placeholder Definition. It opens the Macro window (Workflow Parameter window). If necessary, update details and click OK. The placeholder would be updated with new values.

  2. Keep the Enable operation check box selected to enable the operation. Otherwise, the operation will be disabled.

  3. Click OK.

IMPORTANT: In order to use actual data, Alloy Navigator always runs Execute SQL operations last, after saving in the database all changes made by Update Field and Create Object operations.