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Configuring Templates

Templates are lists of predefined attributes of the objects. Templates are used in workflow items and components to assign starting values to created objects. You configure templates for a particular object class in the Workflow and Business Logic > [Module] > [Object Class] > Workflow > Components > Templates section.

To configure a Template:

  1. On the General tab, specify the general properties of the Template:

    • Object (read-only) - the object class for which the Template is created.

    • Name - the Template name.

    • Description - the description of the Template.

    • Under Fields, assign initial values to a number of fields as follows:

      1. Click New. A new row appears.

      2. In the new row, click the down arrow in the Field column and select the field from the list.

      3. In the Value column, assign a value to the selected field. For details, see Defining field values in Templates.

  2. On the Usage tab, view the workflow items and components that use this Template.

    • Open - opens the selected workflow item or component.

  3. Click OK.