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Changing the execution order of operations

Operations are executed in the order they appear in the list or tree of operations of your Function, Action, or Trigger. If needed, you can change their execution order.

To change the execution order of operations:

  • Select an operation or node and use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to re-order the operations as needed.

  • TIP: When you have nested operations, you can move operations only within their node. Nested nodes can be moved only within their upper-level node.

NOTE: In order to use actual data at runtime, Alloy Navigator always runs Execute SQL operations last, after saving all changes made by Update Field and Create Object operations.

NOTE: In order to replace e-mail related placeholders for dynamic values with actual data at runtime, Alloy Navigator always executes E-mail Notification operations last, after all other operations.

NOTE: All External Command operations are run as concurrent processes without suspending other workflow operations .