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Building criteria

At certain steps of configuring workflow items (for example, when configuring Triggers based on condition) you need to build logical criteria using the Criteria window. The basic elements forming criteria are as follows:

Condition A condition establishes the rule that involves a field from the object, or a system macro, such as Current User or Now. The condition type determines how the comparison operates. Depending on the object whose workflow you are configuring, different condition types might be available. The Criteria window shows conditions in separate rows.–

Condition group If you want to use more than one condition, you can combine several conditions into a condition group. The AND operator is used by default, but the OR, NOT AND, and NOT OR operators are also available. Any group can include both conditions and subgroups. Conditions in a subgroup are processed the same way as math expressions with parentheses. The number of group nesting levels is unlimited. The Criteria window displays divides each with a separate row, which displays its logical operator (AND, OR, NOT AND, or NOT OR) in red color.–

To build the criteria:

  1. Do any of the following:

  2. If you want to preview your criteria as an expression, click Preview. To return to the building mode, click Editor.