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Attachment Area window

Use this window to configure an area for attaching files on the Action Form.

  • Name - the attachment area name. The name is used to refer to the attachment area in the business logic. By default, the name is used as the area caption.

  • Automatically attach files to the object - specifies whether to add the attachments to the current object.

    NOTE: Regardless of the check box state, you can always use attachments from this area in the business logic, i.e., in the Programming section of the current action. You can refer to the attachment area by its name in a condition for a conditional statement, in E-mail Notification, Add Attachments, Create Object, Act on Related Object operations, or use it as a parameter for a Function.

  • Label - the caption for the are on the form. Enter a value only when you want a caption different from the area name.

  • Under Allow to attach, choose what users can attach in this area:

    • Files - allows adding files from local or network drives. The attached files will be uploaded to the Alloy Navigator database.

    • Existing attachments - allows adding the existing files from the Alloy Navigator database using the Attachment Browser.

    FOR SELF SERVICE PORTAL WORKFLOW: Self Service Portal users can always attach files from their local or network drives but never can use the Attachment Browser. This means that regardless of the state of these check boxes, the attachment area in the Self Service Portal would behave as if the Files check box is selected and the Existing attachments check box is cleared.

  • Mandatory - specifies whether the attachment area is mandatory. A mandatory attachment area would not let users proceed until they add an attachment.