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Setting password complexity

As the administrator, you are responsible for setting passwords for technicians or SSP customers to access Alloy Navigator. In the Users & Security > Password Policy section, you set password complexity requirements. These requirements must be met by a password that a technician or an SSP customer supplies during sign-up or password reset.

To set your password policy:

  1. Select Enforce Password Policy check box to enforce the complexity requirements specified in Password Policy section. When cleared, this check box makes unavailable all controls below and they appear dimmed. In this case, all the complexity requirements Enforce Password Policy do not apply.

  2. In the Minimum Password Length box, type or select the minimum password length. The recommended requirement is an 8-character minimum length (longer isn't necessarily better).

  3. Consider your password complexity requirements and select the corresponding check boxes below.

    NOTE: The primary goal of a more secure password system is password diversity. Customize the password complexity requirements so that your technician or SSP customer accounts will have different and hard to guess passwords.

  4. In the Apply these rules for group, click the option that defines the group of users to which the password complexity requirements will apply.