Release Notes

What's new in version 2022.1.1

October 2022

Version 2022.1.1 is a maintenance release. It addresses several issues reported in previous versions.

Self Service Portal

  • Resolved the issue with the [Current User] placeholder that could insert "Self Service Portal" instead of the user's name. The issue occurred on portals configured for SSO authentication and could affect ticket auto-assignment.

  • Resolved the issue with the search feature excluding closed tickets from the results.

Web App

  • Resolved the issue which caused the "Incorrect syntax near ' ''" error when attempting to access the web-based Admin Center. The issue affected only databases hosted on SQL Server 2008.

  • Fixed spelling of the Single Sign-On authentication type in the Admin Center, in the Modify Login window.

  • Resolved the issue that may cause the Web App and other Alloy web applications to fail with a Security Exception error in some cases.

  • Resolved the issue which caused long forms to automatically scroll up to the top once you click somewhere at the bottom. The issue was specific to Mozilla Firefox.

Default workflow

  • The TeamViewer Invite action no longer throws errors on computers where Internet Explorer is missing or has never been used.

  • Attempts to run the TeamViewer Connect action before asking the end-user to allow the connection no longer fails with a vague error message. Instead, it now suggests running the TeamViewer Invite action to invite the user to a TeamViewer session.

  • Our online documentation has been updated to emphasize the fact that connection to remote computers via Alloy TeamViewer integration requires end-user consent.

IMPORTANT: Changes to the default workflow may not apply automatically. You may be required to modify your existing workflow to get them. For assistance, submit a request to our Alloy Support Team.

Product activation

  • Resolved the issue with product activation when the license has either only Concurrent Users or only Named Users.

Desktop App

  • Resolved issues with the Alloy Dark theme making text unreadable in some areas.

Workflow engine

  • Starting with version 8.7.5, all conditional sections (pages) on action forms remain visible regardless of their conditions when actions apply to multiple objects. That is because such conditions involve object fields, and the workflow engine cannot check them for multiple objects.

    This update improves this behavior. When Actions are applied to multiple objects, they no longer ignore their section/page conditions when conditions are based on workflow parameters and do not involve object fields.

  • The workflow engine now correctly checks the number of child Work Orders (the Work_Order_Count value) in conditions that control the availability of actions for tickets.

Administrative Tools for Alloy Navigator Cloud

  • The Settings App from the Administrative Tools package now supports spellchecking.

Mail Connector

  • Resolved the issue with the Mail Connector being unable to parse HTML messages when they contain tables.