TeamViewer integration

Introduced in 2022.1

Integration with TeamViewer is a pre-built workflow package that enables remote support for managed devices directly from Alloy Navigator, easily initiating remote sessions. This article describes how to configure the integration and how to use it.

What does TeamViewer integration include?

Integration with TeamViewer includes these workflow items and components :

  • TeamViewer Invite #2854 - a workflow step action for Incidents that invites the Incident requester to a technician's TeamViewer session

  • TeamViewer Connect #2855 - a workflow step action for Incidents that starts the TeamViewer session on the specified computer or mobile device

  • Other workflow items and components that make those actions work

  • Workflow parameters for quick customization

To enable the TeamViewer integration and make these workflow step actions available, you must first configure the integration as described below.

Configure TeamViewer integration

To start using the integration, you must enable it and customize its workflow configuration. Here is what you will need. All these data are available in your TeamViewer Management Console.

  • TeamViewer Script Token - the Script Token associated with your TeamViewer script. To obtain one, create a script token in the TeamViewer Management Console.

  • TeamViewer Group Number - the 9-digit group number associated with your TeamViewer group. To obtain one, create a group in the TeamViewer Management Console, select it, and take the number from the URL.

    For example:

To configure integration with TeamViewer:

  1. In Alloy Navigator Settings App , go to Workflow and Business Logic > Workflow Configuration > Integrations > TeamViewer. Instead of the desktop Settings App, you may use the web-based Admin Center for this task.

  2. Under TeamViewer Status, select Enabled.

  3. In the TeamViewer Script Token field, enter the token from the TeamViewer Management Console.

  4. In the TeamViewer Group Number field, enter the 9-digit group number that identifies your TeamViewer group.

  5. Click Save to apply your changes.

Use TeamViewer integration for remote support

Technicians can use the TeamViewer integration as follows:

  1. In Alloy Navigator Web App, Mobile App, or Desktop App, a technician performs the TeamViewer Invite action for to invite the ticket requester to the session and specify which device they would like to remote into.

  2. As the ticket requester joins the session by a simple click, the technician receives an immediate notification.

  3. The technician performs the TeamViewer Connect action to start the session of the specified computer or mobile device.

  4. When everything is done, the technician ends the TeamViewer session.