Installation Guide

Upgrade client components for technicians

This page describes how to upgrade the Alloy Navigator and Alloy Discovery client components (desktop apps) on technicians' workstations. The steps depend on the version you are upgrading from.

  • From version 7.2 or later: Automatic upgrade

    If you are upgrading from version 7.2, the final step of the database upgrade turns on the Automatic Upgrade feature. When your technicians launch the Desktop App, they will be prompted to automatically upgrade their client installations. Clicking Apply the Update will start the automatic upgrade. As soon as the upgrade is complete, the previous version will be uninstalled automatically.

    To make sure that the Automatic Upgrade is turned on and the installer is available for distribution:

    1. In Alloy Navigator or Alloy Discovery Settings, go to General > Upgrade and Migration.

    2. Make sure that the Automatic Upgrade is on and that the latest installation package is shown under Shared Installation Package.

    INFO: For details, see Administration Guide: Enabling Automatic Upgrade.

  • From version earlier than 7.2: Manual upgrade

    If you are upgrading from an earlier version, you need to manually distribute the latest version of client components among your technicians.

    Run the Alloy Installer on each computer (such as administrator’s and technician’s workstations) where Alloy Discovery and Alloy Navigator Desktop App is installed. On the Setup Type page, choose the Client installation option. This installation type includes the Desktop App and all administrative tools but does not include services and server tools.

    For instructions, see Installing Alloy Discovery client components and Installing Alloy Navigator client components.