Installation Guide

Redirect the Mail Connector to a test mailbox

Updated in 2021.2

Mail Connector jobs in your pilot database continue to use your production mailbox as the source of incoming messages. We recommend that you use a test mailbox so that you can test the Mail Connector during the pilot testing. To test a Mail Connector job, you need to temporarily redirect it to that test mailbox.

IMPORTANT: Started with version 2021, Alloy Navigator Enterprise dropped support for 32-bit versions of Microsoft Outlook in favor of 64-bit versions.

NOTE: You will point Mail Connector jobs back later. For details, see Redirect Mail Connector to the support mailbox.

To redirect a Mail Connector job to a test mailbox:

  1. In Alloy Navigator Settings, go to E-mail Processing > Mail Connector and double-click the job.

  2. Modify the Mail Server settings so that the Mail Connector now process messages from your test mailbox.

  3. Click OK.

    INFO: For details, see Administration Guide: Configuring Mail Connector Settings.

Now you can force the job to run and check its results. For details, see Administration Guide: Checking Results of the Mail Connector Job.

To test how a job runs automatically, enable it. For details, see Administration Guide: Disabling or Enabling Mail Connector Jobs.