Installation Guide

Activating the product

To use our product, you must activate it over the internet. As soon as you have created a new database, including a pilot database, the License Management dialog box appears and prompts you for product activation.

INFO: For information on licensing, see Licensing.

The online activation requires you to provide your registered e-mail address and the serial number received after the purchase. Sign in to the Alloy Support Portal to have your license information ready.

NOTE: If you have any questions related to activation, please contact Alloy Software sales team at for assistance.

To activate the product:

  1. In the License Management window, click Over Internet.

  2. Click Activate.

  3. In the Activation via Internet window, provide your e-mail address and the product serial number, then click Activate.

    TIP: You can access this information at the Alloy Support Portal.

  4. When the system informs you that the product is activated, click OK.

    NOTE: You may also need to activate the product after your license has been changed (for example, after increasing the user limit) or after your database has been moved from one SQL Server instance to another.

    INFO: For details, see Help: Activating Alloy Navigator.