Administration Guide

Searching in Workflow

You can quickly find all workflow items and components that contain a particular text. This may be useful when you plan to rename or delete workflow parameters, placeholders, lookup list items, user defined fields or macros, and you need to know where and how they are used in your workflow.

To search in workflow:

  1. Click Search in Workflow on the Standard toolbar (or select Search > Search in Workflow from the main menu). The Search in Workflow dialog box appears.
  2. Enter your query text in the Text to find field and click Find.

    NOTE: To search for a lookup list item, use its Global ID (GUID) as a query text. For more information on GUIDs, see Accessing Workflow Items or Components by ID.

  3. The search returns a list of workflow items and components that contain string values satisfying your search criteria. To open a workflow item or component, double-click it or use the Open button.

    When you search for HTML items (HTML fields, parameters, or variables), you can include any HTML tags (such as <P>) in your query text. Alloy Navigator will search the workflow for the exact text including HTML tags. However, your search results would not display HTML tags, only output text. In order to view the HTML source with all its HTML elements, switch to the HTML Code mode.

    Search results are displayed in these columns.

Column Name Description Example

Object Name

The name of the object class that owns the workflow item.


Item Kind

The kind of the workflow item.


Item Name

The name of the workflow item.

New Computer (Alloy Discovery Connector)


The element of the workflow item that owns the matching string value.

Template Field

Placement Details

The detailed location of the matching string value.



NOTE: If your results contain many records, you can use standard Quick Filter options, such as Filter by Selected Field or Filter Row. For details, see Help: Using the Quick Filter.

For example, your company change its business name, that is why you need to update all it’s references. To accomplish this task, type that name in the Text to find field and click Find. The search will return all workflow items that contain your text. In the example below, the search finds only macro "HTML Template (Contact Info for Header)". This means you need to update the company’s name only in that macro.