Administration Guide

Quick Workflow Configuration

The Workflow Configuration functionality enables you to easily fine-tune your Alloy Navigator business logic using workflow configuration parameters. Workflow parameters eliminate the need for modification of individual Email Notifications, macros, and other workflow items. For example, once you specify a value (a person) for the Administrator parameter, all administrative alerts and notifications will be sent to that Administrator.

  1. In the Workflow and Business Logic > Workflow Configuration section, select a process which Workflow Parameters to adjust (for example, Incident Automation).

  2. Adjust workflow parameters as your business logic requires.

    For example, to reduce the number of days before automatically closing Incidents in “Completed” status, change the default value in the Automatically Close Completed (Days) field.

    NOTE: Assigning 0 (zero) to any workflow parameter disables this parameter. For example, if you do not want competed Incidents to be closed automatically, enter "0" to the Automatically Close Completed (Days) field.

  3. Repeat these steps to change other aspects of your workflow.

  4. Click Save.

NOTE: You can use workflow parameters to specify dynamic values when building workflow items and components. For details, see Inserting Placeholders.

TIP: If you are planning to implement heavy customizations of the default workflow, Alloy Navigator offers you the ability to create new configuration parameters. For details, see How Tos: How to Create and Customize Workflow Parameters.