Administration Guide

Changing the Execution Order of Operations

Operations (except for E-mail Notifications) are executed in the order they appear in the list. You can change their execution order as follows:

  • Select an operation and use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to re-order the tree as needed.

    NOTE: If you want to place an operation into a group of conditional operations, make sure that the group is expanded. To expand a collapsed group, click the plus (+) icon next to its conditional statement. For details, see Building Conditional Statements.

    IMPORTANT: In order to use actual data at runtime, Alloy Navigator always runs Execute SQL operations last, after saving all changes made by Update Field and Create Object operations. For details, see Execute SQL.

    IMPORTANT: E-mail Notifications may appear anywhere in the Programming section of a workflow action. However, Alloy Navigator waits to trigger these notifications until all other statements of the Programming section have been completed. This is necessary to ensure that notifications reflect the most current state of the object in the result of a successfully executed Action. For details, see Inserting Placeholders.