Administration Guide

Restarting Stopped Triggers

When you configure an On Condition Trigger to fire repeatedly on the same object, you specify the details of its actuation. For example, you may have a Trigger that notifies the Ticket assignee when the Ticket’s Due Date has passed, and this Trigger can send out maximum 7 repetitive notifications but no more often than once per hour. When this Trigger exhausts all 7 notifications on a particular overdue Ticket, it will stop and not fire again on that Ticket.

INFO: For details, see Adding On Condition Triggers.

When you modify a Trigger, you may need to “forget” all Trigger’s history. For example, you can modify the Trigger from our example so that it also notifies the assignee’s manager and changes the Ticket’s priority. Now your Trigger does a different job, and the 7 previously repeated notifications on every overdue Ticket in your system do not matter anymore. You can start over with a clean slate as follows:

  1. From the Sidebar, navigate to an On Condition Trigger and double-click it.

    The Trigger On Condition dialog box tells you on how many objects this Trigger has fired. For more details, you can go to the Sessions tab and see the statistics that were logged for every Trigger session.

  2. Click Resume. This resets the actuation counter and clears the Trigger’s history.
  3. Click OK.