Administration Guide

Managing Shared Snippets

Snippets are blocks of re-usable text, which allow users to avoid repetitive typing of the same content. For example, technicians can insert snippets as their standard replies and troubleshooting recipes, frequent activities and descriptions. This will save time and effort when working with tickets.

Alloy Navigator supports two types of snippets:

  • Personal snippets are available only to their owners. Personal snippets are created, modified, and deleted by technicians with the Local Snippets Management administrative permission.
  • Shared snippets are available to multiple people. Shared snippets are created, modified, and deleted by the Alloy Navigator administrator. However, to use shared snippets technicians must have the Shared Snippets Use administrative permission.

    INFO: For details on administrative permissions, see Controlling Access to Administrative Functions.

You can categorize shared snippets to make them easier to find.

INFO: For details, see Managing Shared Snippet Categories.

Snippets can contain placeholders for dynamic text that are replaced with actual values at runtime, such as the current date or the current user's name:

Placeholder Inserted dynamic value

Current User

The Full Name of the current person inserting the snippet.

Current User->[Field]

The specified field from the current user’s Person record. For example:
%[SYS Current User.Full_Name]%


The current date and time (the timestamp) on the user’s computer.


The current date and time (the timestamp) on the user’s computer.

You manage shared snippets in the General > Shared Snippets section.

IMPORTANT: Any of the applied changes will take effect only when the user session (in the Desktop App or the Web App) is restarted.