Administration Guide

Running the Mail Connector under a dedicated Microsoft Exchange account

If you integrate the Mail Connector with a Microsoft Exchange Server via MAPI, you can employ one of the two configuration scenarios, depending on the needs of your organization:

  • If you have a single Microsoft Exchange account, you configure a single Mail Connector job that runs under the Automation Server startup account. This configuration is used by default when you configure the Automation Server to run under the Microsoft Exchange account. For details, see Configuring Microsoft Exchange Server Settings.

  • If you have several Microsoft Exchange accounts, configure several Mail Connector jobs, providing individual jobs for each account. The Automation Server will run each job under its own Microsoft Exchange account.

When you want to run a Mail Connector job under a dedicated Microsoft Exchange account, this must be a Windows account which has sufficient permissions to access the Microsoft Exchange mailbox. In this section we will refer to that account as the “Microsoft Exchange Account.”

This configuration scenario imposes additional requirements on both the Automation Server startup account and the Microsoft Exchange account:

For instructions on how to configure a Mail Connector job to run under the Microsoft Exchange account, see Configuring Mail Connector Jobs.