Administration Guide

Default E-mail Processing Logic

By default, the Mail Connector uses the following processing logic when creating or updating objects:

  • When the e-mail message is part of an object’s communication thread, i.e. when the message contains the object ID, the Mail Connector updates existing objects (Incidents, Change Requests, Problems, Work Orders, Service Requests, Purchase Orders, Approval Requests). Otherwise, it creates a new object (see the flowchart in Using Incoming Messages to Update Objects ). The Mail Connector does not update objects in a terminal status, such as “Closed” or “Retired.”
  • When the e-mail sender cannot be matched to an existing Person record, the Mail Connector creates a new Person record.

All tasks are performed through workflow Service Actions configured for the Mail Connector. These Actions create or update objects using information from e-mail messages. For example, when a new Incident is created, its Description, Requester, and Summary fields are populated with the e-mail's Body, Sender, and Subject values, respectively. When updating an existing Incident, its Activity Log gets a new entry containing comments from the e-mail.

You can use the default processing logic, modify it, or create your own one.

INFO: For details, see Configuring Processing Statements.