Administration Guide

Configuring Parsing Rules

The e-mail parser can extract any data from headers and bodies of incoming e-messages. The extracted information is stored in special virtual fields that the Mail Connector uses in processing statements.

INFO: For details on processing statements, see Configuring Processing Statements

Parsing options consist of two parts: Field and Parsing Rule.

  • Field — the virtual e-mail field where the parser stores extracted data for passing it on to processing rules and other workflow items. Alloy Navigator supports the following types of virtual fields for parsing of e-mail messages:
    • Integer — an integer value between -99999999 and 99999999
    • Logical — a boolean value (True or False)
    • Currency — a currency value, which consists of a decimal value and a currency symbol, e.g. $500.00
    • String — a text up to 1000 characters long
    • Memo — a block of binary data or text up to 1 GB in size
    • Date/Time — a date and time value in the format used on the computer where the Mail Connector is running
    • Float — a 32-bit floating-point value
    • Reference to object — a reference to a particular object in the Alloy Navigator database
    • HTML - a text field with embedded HTML editor that allows users to apply HTML formatting and insert hyperlinks or images.
  • Parsing Rule — the rule that defines where to search for and what data to extract.