Administration Guide

Alloy Discovery User Account for Alloy Discovery Synchronization

In order to allow your Alloy Discovery Synchronization job to access the Alloy Discovery (AD) database, you will need to provide the credentials of an account. This account can be an ordinary user account without any special permissions, i.e. it does not require the Administrator or Audit permission in Alloy Discovery.

Before you configure an Alloy Discovery Synchronization job, choose which account your job will use. Depending on the authentication type used in your system, you can apply either of these options:

  • Standard (SQL Server) authentication When you use SQL Server authentication in your system, create a special account in Alloy Discovery or choose an existing one.

    INFO: For instructions on creating accounts, see the Alloy Discovery 2022 Administration Guide: Account Administration.

  • Windows authentication If you want to use Windows authentication, create an account for the Windows account under which your Alloy Discovery Synchronization job will run. By default, it is the Automation Server startup account. However, in some situations you may need to run the job under a separate Windows account. In this case, specify the account on the Settings tab when you configure the job.

    INFO: For details on the Automation Server startup account, see Installation Guide: Choosing Startup Account and Authentication.

    INFO: For details on configuring the job, see Configuring Alloy Discovery Synchronization Settings.

    INFO: For instructions on creating accounts, see Administration Guide: Account Administration.