Administration Guide

Service Actions for Active Directory Synchronization

The Active Directory Import tool creates Persons, Locations, and Organizations, and updates Persons with information from Active Directory through workflow Service Actions:

  • Create Service Action for Persons — This Action handles the creation of new Person records during the import.

  • Update Service Task for Persons — This Action handles the modification of Person records based on the information from the Active Directory.

IMPORTANT: Alloy Navigator’s default workflow provides ready-to-use Service Actions for Active Directory Synchronization, which are generally sufficient for many organizations. We recommend that you keep the defaults. If needed, you can customize the default Actions, or create new Service Actions. For details, see Adding Create Service Actions and Adding Update Service Step Actions.

You have the option to customize workflow Service Actions when configuring the Active Directory Synchronization job. It is recommended that you first review the Workflow Management for better understanding of the workflow management functionality. Also, set up all necessary Service Actions before configuring the job.

Also you can create a new workflow Service Actions right when configuring the synchronization job. However, due to the involved complexity we recommend that you create the necessary Service Action in advance.