Administration Guide

Workflow Management

Alloy Navigator provides you with the tools to work hand in hand with your business processes. Presenting technicians and customers with easy to follow steps that help them perform their tasks more efficiently and with very little room for error may be the most important task you can perform as an administrator.

So what is "workflow" anyway?

Workflow describes a sequence of procedural steps within a business process. In Alloy Navigator, these steps will typically relate directly to the lifecycle of an object where the beginning of an object lifecycle is its creation, and the end is its completion. Within each object’s lifecycle, statuses indicate its phase.

A good example is a computer. When a computer is received, its lifecycle starts. When it's tossed in the garbage behind your company’s building, it ends. Within that lifecycle from Received to Retired, you have workflow in between governing the way that you work with it. You can apply this example to all other objects such as Incidents or Service Requests.