Administration Guide

Specifying the API URL for direct links

Before using Alloy mobile apps integrated with Alloy Navigator API, you must specify the API's URL that is stored in the database as the value of a system macro. This macro is used to build direct links to objects in various workflow notifications.

To customize the API link system macro:

  1. In the Settings App, go to Workflow and Business Logic > Advanced > System Macros.

  2. Enter your URL value in the API Link field.

  3. Click Save from the module menu to save your changes.

NOTE: Alternatively, you can customize the macro when configuring the API, using the Web Configuration tool. For details, see Installation Guide: Customizing the API Link Macro.

More information about the URL

The URL of the API must be in the following format:

[site name]:[port number]/[virtual directory name]

If you install your web server instance to the root directory of a web site, the URL will be a direct reference to this site. For example,

If you are using a virtual directory for your web application configuration, the virtual directory name should be a part of the URL. For example, if your server's host name is "", specifying "api" as the virtual directory name will result in the following URL: