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Quick Start Wizard - Audit Credentials for Linux and Mac

If you expect Linux or Mac computers within the specified audit scope, provide the credentials for the administrative account that Alloy Discovery will use for auditing Linux and Mac computers within the audit scope.

NOTE: Alloy Discovery establishes connection to the audited Linux and Mac computers using the Secure Shell protocol (SSH) over a TCP port. Therefore, it is required that the SSH server is running on each client computer and listening on the dedicated TCP port.

You must assign the credentials that allow logging on to these computers. It is recommended that you use credentials of an account with administrative privileges.

NOTE: To provide the credentials in the Quick Start Wizard, it is easiest for you to just type in the user name and password. Later, you will be able to employ more advanced techniques. For more information, see Audit Credentials window.

Protocol - view the protocol, connection to the Linux and Mac computers is always established through the Secure Shell protocol (SSH).

Port - by default, Alloy Discovery accesses client Linux and Mac computers over the standard TCP port 22. If you want to specify a non-standard TCP port that the SSH server listens on, enter its number.

User Name - enter the account name.

Password - enter the account password.

NOTE: This page of the Quick Start Wizard contains other fields. However, during the first audit, you may just ignore them. If you need more information, see Audit Credentials window.

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