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Viewing Chromebook Details

You view the detailed information about audited Chromebook in the Chromebook record window. Also, this window allows viewing and editing the values of user defined fields if your Alloy Discovery administrator has configured any for Chromebooks.

To open this window, double-click the Chromebook row in the All Nodes grid of a Site, or in the Chromebooks grid of a Site or a Chromebooks Collection.

The Chromebook record window displays the data about an audited Chromebook on the following tabs: General and Changes.

General tab

By default, the General tab shows basic information about the Chromebook collected during its audit as follows:

Column name Description

Serial Number

The serial number of the Chromebook.


The status of the Chromebook.


The name of the organizational unit to which the Chromebook belongs.


The Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) for the 3G mobile card in the Chromebook.

OS Version

The Chromebook's operating system version.

Platform Version

The Chromebook's platform version.

Firmware Version

The version of the Chromebook firmware.

Asset ID

The Asset ID of the Chromebook.


The most recent user who logged into the Chromebook.


The address or location of the Chromebook.


The model of the Chromebook.

Last Sync

The date and time the Chromebook was last synchronized with the policy settings in the Google Admin console.


The Windows domain to which the Chromebook belongs.

Wifi MAC

The Media Access Control Address (MAC) that is assigned to the Chromebook for a WiFi connection.

Ethernet MAC

The Media Access Control Address (MAC) that is assigned to the Chromebook for an ethernet connection.

Enrollment Date

The date and time when the Chromebook was enrolled.

Support End

The final date of the Chromebook hardware warranty.

Order Number

The number of the order under which the Chromebook was purchased.

Boot Mode

The boot mode of the Chromebook: developer mode or verified mode.

The selected Will Auto Renew check box indicates that the Chromebook will automatically auto renew its support after the support end date.


Additional information about the Chromebook.

Active Times

This section shows the list of active time ranges: the Date column displays the date of usage, the Active Time column displays the duration of usage in milliseconds.

Recent Users

This section shows the list of recent Chromebook users, in descending order, by last login time: the Email column displays the user's e-mail address and the Managed column displays the user's type. When the type is Yes, the user is managed by the domain.

Changes tab

This tab shows information about Change Events detected on this Chromebook. Changes are grouped by the Audit Date (by default). You can manage the grouping condition in the View: [Condition ] drop-down list. You can see the detailed information about each record by double-clicking the desired Change Event from the list.

By default, the Changes list includes the following data:

Column name Description


The Chromebook name where the Change was detected.


The type of the changed object.


The category of the Change.


The object that was changed.


The event occurred with the object.


The date and time when the Change data was uploaded.


The attribute of the component.


The old value of the changed attribute.


The new value of the changed attribute.