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Bypass Rules

Ignored for the Direct Network Scan, Google Directory Audit and Portable Audit

The main automation scenario for the Network Folder Audit and Remote Audit involves triggering the audit automatically when a user logs on the network. Besides the regular users, computers can be accessed by the system administrator or by technicians performing maintenance. In such situations, you wouldn't want the audit to run. The Bypass Rules section allows you to exclude particular user accounts from the audit.

NOTE: The bypass rules are applicable only for the Network Folder Audit ,Remote Audit of Windows computers.

To add a new user name:

  • Type it in the text field at the bottom and click Add.

NOTE: You can use the standard wildcards: an asterisk (*) to represent any number of characters, including zero, and the question mark (?) to represent any single character.

To edit an existing user name:

  • Select the name, edit it in the text field at the bottom, and then click Replace.

To remove a user name:

  • Select the name and click Remove.