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Modifying software products

The Inventory Server automatically creates records for the software products with the information collected during the audit. The Software Catalog enables you to change the data of a single software product or batch update information for multiple products.

Changing properties of a single software product

To work with properties of a single software product:

  1. In the Software Catalog, double-click the software product whose properties to modify. The Software Product [Product Name ] window opens.

  2. Make the changes as needed.

  3. Click OK.

Batch updating software products

When you perform the batch update, you replace the values of specified fields in several records with same specified values. You can apply the batch update to the software products of the Software Catalog.

To batch update records:

  1. In the Software Catalog, select the records where you want to update the fields. For details, see Selecting multiple records.

  2. Click Actions > Batch Update on the Module menu. The Batch Updating of Software Products window opens.

NOTE: Alternatively, you can right-click the selected target records in the grid and choose Actions > Batch Update from the pop-up menu.

  1. Choose the field to update from the drop-down list in the Field column. The Value column initially displays the "<clear>" value. Enter a new value.

  2. If you want to update more fields, click Add and repeat the previous step.

  3. Update all fields as needed. If you want to undo updating a field, select it and click Delete.

  4. Click OK.