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Types of Alloy Discovery accounts

Alloy Discovery supports two types of accounts: Named and Concurrent. You specify this type when creating a new account. However, you can change the type of an existing account in the account's properties.

Account Type Description


You can create an unlimited number of concurrent accounts. The number of users that can work in Alloy Discovery under concurrent accounts at the same time is limited by number of concurrent users specified in your product license.

You may want to create concurrent accounts for users who do not need permanent access to Alloy Discovery, such as IT personnel in different time zones or shift workers.


Named accounts can always access Alloy Discovery, regardless of the number of other currently logged in users. Named accounts are based on the number of named users specified in your product license.

You may want to create named accounts for IT managers and administrators who need permanent access to Alloy Discovery.

IMPORTANT: Choosing a type of accounts is available only when you have a combined product license. Product licenses with a fixed licensing model (Concurrent Users or Named Users) allow creating accounts of a fixed type, either Concurrent or Named. For details, see Licensing models.