Release Notes

What's new in version 8.4

October 2019

Version 8.4 introduces network diagrams and provides a number of other new features and enhancements over previous releases.

Use Designated Credentials to Audit Linux-based Hypervisors

No longer concern yourself with providing individual Linux credentials for each hypervisor. Create a single set of ESXi/vSphere/Citrix credentials, and Alloy Discovery will appropriately apply them when auditing all your Linux-based hypervisors.

For details, see Administration Guide: ESXi/vSphere/Citrix Audit Credentials.

Map Your Network with Diagrams

Produce comprehensive network diagrams with automatic mapping of MAC addresses to switch ports so you can understand how devices are connected.

For details, Administration Guide: Analyzing Inventory Data Using Network Diagrams.

Discover More Apps

Gather information on downloaded Microsoft Store applications for a complete picture of software on each computer.

Recognize What's Running

Detect unwanted or malicious software such as Trojans, torrents, or miners using information about running processes on audited computers.

Secure Communication

Use top-notch encryption with the added support for Transport Layer Security 1.2. The option to enable TLS 1.2 support can be found in the Connection Manager in desktop apps and utilities.

Other Enhancements

User Interface
  • The color palette has been changed to blue to provide a consistent visual identity for all Alloy products.

  • Refreshed the design for all standard reports. The timestamp of the report is now based on the local computer's time, for improved consistency.

Discovery and Audit

  • Improved the ability to detect MAC addresses on discovered SNMP devices.

  • To create a cleaner experience, the All Nodes data grid now includes only common fields (i.e. fields that are shared by at least two types of network nodes).

Naming Changes
  • Main Console has been renamed Desktop App. Administrative Settings are now just Settings.

  • External Tools have been renamed Integrations to reflect the intended purpose of the feature.

  • Now you can quickly access the product documentation or the Support Portal right from Alloy Control Panel.