Administration Guide

Monitoring Software Compliance

Available only in the standalone edition of Alloy Discovery

During the audit, Alloy Discovery (AD) identifies installed software and collects, stores, and helps you analyze the information related to software licensing compliance. The comparison of information on expected usage with the actual usage of the software products helps you make conclusions about software licensing compliance.

NOTE: For Alloy Discovery integrated with the Alloy Navigator 2023 Suite you manage licenses using the Alloy Navigator’s Desktop App. For details see the Alloy Navigator Administration Guide > How To Monitor Software Licensing Compliance.

You can monitor software compliance as follows:

  1. Perform the hardware and software inventory:
    1. Organize the audit process to detect installed software. For details, Configuring Sites and Setting Up the Audit.
    2. Use the Software Catalog to classify software products and manage the list of software manufacturers. For details, Managing Software Products.

    Result: You have an accurate record of what software products are used in your company and what computers these products are installed on.

  2. Achieve and maintain compliance by organizing software licenses:

    Result: You can monitor the licensing compliance in your company and generate compliance reports.