Administration Guide

Combining Several Products into a Product Suite

By default, Alloy Discovery treats all Software Products as standalone products. You may want to combine several products into an integrated suite and track that suite as a whole. Alloy Discovery will report the presence of a software suite when any of its components are detected.

A software suite consists of the suite "parent" and multiple suite components. Before you begin, make sure the Software Catalog contains the Software Product that will be the suite’s "parent". If there is no suitable product, create one.

INFO: For details, see Adding Software Products to Software Catalog.

To combine several products into a product suite:

  1. In the Desktop App, go to the Software Catalog and double-click the Software Product that you want to be the suite’s parent. The Software Product [Product Name] dialog box opens.
  2. Under This product is, click A suite and includes other components to make it a suite.
  3. Click Add. The Select Product dialog box opens. This box lists all products in the Software Catalog.
  4. Select products that make up the suite and click OK.

    NOTE: Using the Select Product dialog box, you can create a new Software Product or modify an existing one as follows. To add a product, click New, fill in the details in the Software Product [Product Name] dialog box and click OK. To modify a product, select the product in the list, click Open, make your changes as needed, and click OK.

  5. Click OK.

If needed, you can reclassify a product suite as a standalone product, or make it a component of another suite. When you do that, the relationship between the product and its components ceases.