Administration Guide

Using the Standalone Reporting Module

Alloy Discovery includes a standalone Reporting Module, which lets you generate reports in silent mode and save them in different formats (Excel, HTML, PDF, RTF, text files, and XML). Using this module, you can generate any report that exists in Alloy Discovery without starting Desktop App. Parameters for generating reports are specified on the command line.

You can use these reports for different purposes; for example, you can publish them to the web, broadcast them via e-mail, etc. You can use the Reporting Module to generate reports automatically using the Windows Task Scheduler and other automation tools.

The Reporting Module is installed into the Alloy Discovery installation folder (typically, C:\Program Files\Alloy Software\Alloy Discovery 2023\Bin); the name of its executable file is ReportCmd.exe.

NOTE: For details and instructions, see Help: Standalone Reporting Module.