Administration Guide

Viewing Active User Sessions

You can view the active user sessions as follows:

  1. In the Settings app, navigate to Accounts and Roles > User Sessions.
  2. View the currently active user sessions. To refresh the view, click Refresh (or press F5).

The following information is available for each session in the list:

  • Login — the login name of the currently logged in user;
  • User IP — the IP address of the client computer;
  • Session Type — the type or the account under which the session is running: Concurrent or Named.
  • NOTE: This column is available only if you have a combined product license that supports both Concurrent Users and Named Users models. For details, see Types of Alloy Discovery Accounts.

  • User Full Name — the user’s Full Name;
  • Module Name — the Alloy Discovery module where the user is logged in: Desktop App;
  • Last Activity — the timestamp of the most recent user’s activity.
  • Logon Time — the last time that the user logged on to Alloy Discovery.
  • Duration — the session duration (the difference between the Logon Time and Last Activity values).

The system automatically checks every ten seconds if new sessions have been started or active sessions have been ended, which practically makes the displayed list of active sessions always actual. You can also refresh the Last Activity and Duration values of currently open sessions manually by clicking Refresh (or pressing F5 on the keyboard).