Release Notes

What's new in version 6.1.3

September 2018

Version 6.1.3 adds reporting of device statuses, includes a number of other enhancements, and resolves several issues reported in previous versions.

  • Support for Windows 10 has been improved.

    • Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation is no longer incorrectly detected as Windows Server 2016 Enterprise.

    • The Windows Firewall service status on latest versions of Windows 10 is reported correctly.

  • Device statuses are now reported. The Audit Snapshot Viewer shows device statuses (Enabled or Disabled) in the Device Drivers tree and in the Device Details window.

  • Linux audit has been improved. Now the Overview section of snapshots more accurately reports the IPv4 Address of Linux computers.

  • The Copy/Paste issue in the Audit Snapshot Viewer has been fixed. Now choosing Copy from the context menu in the Software > Programs > Line Details window successfully copies the selected text to the clipboard.

  • In previous versions, the audit in Alloy Discovery or Network Inventory froze and then eventually failed with the "Error receiving audit data while querying registry keys with a colon (:) in the path. The new version fixes this.

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