Release Notes

Update considerations

Depending on your Alloy Audit Tools version, you may need to review the following considerations before installing the update. If you have questions or need help, please contact Alloy Professional Services team at

Version 6.1 or earlier

Changes in software compliance for Microsoft SQL Server products

Starting with version 6.1.1, the Inventory Analyzer reports Microsoft SQL Server edition: Standard, Enterprise, Express, etc. The edition is included in the name of discovered Microsoft SQL Server installations, such as Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (Enterprise Edition). An important consequence of this change is that it enables you to differentiate paid editions of Microsoft SQL Server from free ones.

After the first run of audit (and as soon as new audit snapshots from Alloy Discovery or Network Inventory are imported into Alloy Navigator or Alloy Navigator Express), your "old" Microsoft SQL Server installations, which did not contain the edition in the product name, will be replaced with "new" Microsoft SQL Server installations having the edition in the product name. However, Software License records will remain associated with "old" Microsoft SQL Server products.

To resume tracking Microsoft SQL Server products in Alloy Navigator, Alloy Navigator Express, and Alloy Discovery, users must manually associate their existing Microsoft SQL Server licenses with "new" Microsoft SQL Server products having the edition in parentheses.