Release Notes

What's new in version 2023

June 2023

The new version adds support for the latest version of macOS and the latest release of Alloy Navigator and Alloy Discovery product families, and resolves some issues reported in previous versions.

  • Added support for macOS Ventura (version 13).

  • To optimize audit troubleshooting, the Windows inventory analyzer now maintains a global audit log on client computers. That global log is a centralized view of all individual logs the analyzer can create, depending on the audit method it uses (agent-less or agent-based with any delivery option). The global log is updated every time the audit runs, just like individual logs.

  • The maximum size of system Event Log entries that the Windows inventory analyzer can collect has been raised from 8 KB to 64KB. This will be enough for capturing larger event logs over longer periods of time.

For instructions on how to update Alloy Audit Tools, see Update instructions.
For things to consider before updating, see Update considerations.