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Main components


This article describes the key components of AlloyScan that work together to provide fast, accurate, and comprehensive network discovery.

AlloyScan comprises the following main components:

  • Site: Each organization has its own site within a deployed AlloyScan instance. Typically, AlloyScan instances are deployed on a cloud server provided by third-party cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Audit Service: A Windows service that runs in the background and collects their inventory data remotely, without the need to deploy audit agents. Instead, it leverages existing protocols and mechanisms. The Audit Service should be installed on a Windows computer inside the network.

  • Credentials: - Audit credentials are required by the Audit Service for accessing devices and collecting data. In most cases, audit credentials are a combination of a user name and password. AlloyScan supports different types of audit credentials: Windows, Linux and macOS, Hypervisor and SNMP.

  • Audit Agent: - A service that you install on remote computers that should be audited. The term "remote computer" denotes a Windows computer that is outside your network and has Internet access. The agent collects relevant data, performs scans, and communicates the findings back to AlloyScan.