Release Notes

What's new in AlloyScan 23

Updated: April 09, 2024

Check out the summary of changes we made to AlloyScan in 2023.


October 27, 2023


Now you can monitor your subscription and usage in the Admin Center. A new My Organization | Limits and Usage page offers a comprehensive overview of your subscription and usage details, including important dates and numbers.

In addition, we have implemented system notifications with three levels of importance: informative (green), warning (yellow), and critical (red).

  • Informative notifications provide you with advance notice of reaching a license limit, ensuring you have ample time for necessary preparations.

  • Warning notifications indicate that you are approaching your usage limit, providing you with time to adjust your usage before reaching the limit.

  • When you receive a critical notification, it means you have reached the limit for the specified resource. These notifications are critical and require immediate attention to prevent service interruptions or additional charges.

Now you can access online help directly from AlloyScan. Click on the question mark button in the upper right corner and select Help from the menu. This will open the product documentation in a new browser tab.


Sign-on page improvements.

Other minor enhancements and bug fixes.