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Source Text Options

On this page, specify the field delimiter, text qualifier, and record separator that are used in the text source file.

The page displays the following options:

  • Field Delimiter - specifies the character (a semicolon, comma, tab, or space) that separates data fields in the source text file. For example, Comma Separated Values (.csv) files use the comma as a field delimiter.

  • Text Options - this section allows you to specify the following options:

    • Text Qualifier - specifies whether double (") or single (') quotation marks surround fields in the source file. During the import, text between those quotation marks will be interpreted as a single field value, even if it contains field delimiters or record separators; the text qualifiers themselves will not be imported. If your source file does not use text qualifiers, select None.

    • Record Separator - specifies the character that separates records in the source text file. You can choose between the following options:

      • CRLF (carriage return, line feed) - usually used in text files prepared on Windows machines

      • CR (carriage return) - usually used in text files prepared on Mac X OS machines

      • LF (line feed) - usually used in text files prepared on Unix machines

    Later, you can preview the data to be imported on the Field Mapping page. To make any changes in your settings, you can go back to this page.