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Source Data Formats page

On this page, specify the date, time, and number formats of the source data:

  • Date order - specifies the order of day, month, and year within the date:

    • MDY - month, day, and year

    • DMY - day, month, and year

    • YMD - year, month, and day

  • Date delimiter - specifies the character that separates day, month, and year characters from each other within a date.

  • Time delimiter - specifies the character that separates hours, minutes, and seconds from each other within a date.

  • Four digit years - specifies whether the year within date is defined by four digits (selected check box) or by two digits (cleared check box).

  • Leading zeros in Dates - specifies whether zero appears before one digit numbers within date (selected check box) or not (cleared check box).

  • Decimal symbol - specifies the symbol that indicates decimal values.

Before choosing the date and time options on this page, make sure the dates are formatted consistently throughout the source file. Otherwise, these settings won't be applied.

NOTE: If you are importing data from a date formatted column in a Microsoft Excel file to a date/time field in the Alloy Navigator Express database, the data will be imported directly regardless of the chosen date and time options.